100% Canadian steak, fire-grilled to order for a savoury bite every time. Our 7 oz. steak is served with crispy Cajun onions, choice of beans or coleslaw and your choice of side.

What makes our ribs so special? Well for starters, they’re smoked in-house for hours. Then we sauce ‘em up for that perfect fall-off-the-bone experience. Napkins definitely needed.  

2 Pork back ribs sauced the way you like ‘em, a buildyour-own pulled pork half-sammy, buttermilk country chicken breast, fries and cornbread.

If you’re lookin’ for real good Buttermilk Chicken, then look no further. Ours is hand-breaded in-house, cooked to a crisp and topped with country gravy. It’ll have you begging for seconds.

You haven’t had a sandwich ‘til you’ve tried this. Southern fried chicken breast is placed between two flame-grilled Belgian sugar waffles for out of this world flavour. And the double-smoked bacon, well it’s just the cherry on the sundae.

Mixed greens tossed with a zesty ranch dressing topped with chopped hand breaded chicken, chopped candied bacon, fire roasted corn, black beans, peppers, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, chopped avocado* and crispy corn tortilla strips. 


These won’t last forever!

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