BBQ At Home

BBQ At Home

bbq at home

Love BBQ as much as we do? Now’s your chance to learn tips and tricks for cookin’ up your own mouth-watering BBQ right at home.

Chef Jen Hennings

Meet Executive Chef Jen Hennings

She's a BBQ enthusiast and has been in the industry for over 25 years. During her time at Montana's, Chef Jen has created over 100 menu items like the Great Grilled Cheese Burger and the Grilled Waffle and Fried Chicken Club. She has also brought her love of smoked meats into all 105 locations across the country, teaching our teams how to smoke ribs, brisket & pulled pork in our restaurants everyday.

We bet you're all wondering what her favourite thing to eat at Montana's is. That's the in-house smoked Pork Back Ribs with Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce and the Southern Brisket Sandwich. And when she's not firing up the que you can find her with a nice bottle of wine and good Mexican food relaxing after a round of golf!