Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Grilled Cheese

Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Grilled Cheese

You will need:

• Mayonaise

• 3 strips of cooked bacon (but who's counting!)

• Shredded Cheese - we used Smoked Cheddar, Old Cheddar and Mozzarella but any of your favourites will work

• 2 slices of bread - we used Sourdough

The Ultimate Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Grilled Cheese

Crunchy, melty and so delicious, there's nothin' better than this Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Grilled Cheese. Mix up your favourite cheeses and your bread of choice and get ready to create this ultimate masterpiece.


1. Take your sliced bread and spread mayonnaise on the outside of both slices. We use mayo instead of butter to help brown the bread nicely and it also adds great flavour.

2. Set your stove to medium heat and place the bread into a heated frying pan with the mayo side down.

3. Take half of your shredded cheese and the 3 strips of cooked bacon and top one slice of the bread. Top the other piece of bread with the remaining cheese.

4. Cover the pan with a lid and allow for the cheese to start melting.

5. Once you notice the cheese start to melt, join the two sides together to create your sandwich. Continue to cook until all the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown.


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