7oz AAA Sirloin

Satisfy your steak craving with our 7 oz. AAA Canadian Sirloin. This piece of meat is aged for 50 days and seasoned to perfection, plus it’s served with two delicious onion rings. There’s nothing simple about it.

Seasonal Steak

NEW! Seasonal Steak Special

Picture this, our 7oz AAA Canadian Sirloin topped with a garlic herb butter and served with all the fixin’s. If that doesn’t have your mouth-watering yet, it's also served with four mini donuts with an English toffee dipping sauce. Drooling? We thought so!

Lobster N Shrimp Steak.

NEW! Lobster n' Shrimp Steak

As if our 7oz AAA Canadian Sirloin could get any more decadent, we’ve gone and added a creamy sauce filled with chunks of shrimp and Atlantic lobster to it. How’s that for kickin’ up your steak plate?

Kickin Creamy Shrimp Steak.

Kickin’ Creamy Shrimp Steak

Lookin’ for the best of both worlds? This is your dish! Our 7 oz. Canadian AAA Top Sirloin is grilled to perfection then topped with our Kickin’ Creamy Shrimp. Your taste buds will thank you.

Steak and grilled shrimp.

Canadian Sirloin with Grilled Shrimp

When you need the perfect mix of surf and turf, we’ve got it. Our 7oz AAA Canadian Sirloin is fire-grilled to order and topped with two garlic shrimp skewers. Best of both worlds on one plate!

Creamy Chorizio Steak

NEW! Chorizo Country Steak

Our creamy country gravy with crumbled pork chorizo sausage is layered over a 7oz fire-grilled AAA Canadian Sirloin. We’re giving you a way to have your steak and chorizo too!

Created by 2019 Culinary Competition Winner, Brandon Dundan, from Montana’s® Timmins.

Lobster and Shrimp Mac N Cheese.

NEW! Lobster & Shrimp Mac N’ Cheese

Kick up your mac n’ cheese experience with our version! Spiral pasta loaded with chunks of Atlantic lobster & shrimp and baked until golden brown. Delicious? oh yeah!