Proudly 100% Canadian Beef
Canadians love BBQ. We love it so much we're willing to BBQ through even the harshest weather—in shorts and slippers no less. This dedication to BBQ is why we’ve decided to stick to the highest quality Canadian Beef for all of our Steaks and Burgers. That’s right—100% Canadian, just like the meat connoisseurs who eat it.
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100% Canadian Beef

Get that mouth-watering bite with our sizzlin', fire grilled 7oz AAA Sirloin Beef.
This 7oz hand-carved Petite Filet Steak has big, perfectly seasoned taste. You want a bite. Trust us.
Try not to drool over our tender, juicy AAA Canadian Beef, fire-grilled to perfection.


Steak & Bacon: a love story for all ages. Try our 10oz of Canadian steak cut into four tender bacon wrapped medallions.
Chipotle. Honey. Tempura Bacon & Shrimp. Tender, juicy, Canadian AAA Top Sirloin. *Drops mic*

JUICY 100% Canadian Beef Burgers

Put some meat on your bones and brave the harsh elements that Canada throws your way. Our burgers are made with 100% Canadian Beef and are as juicy, tender and flavourful as burgers get. So take a big bite outta something Canada does really well—homespun, homegrown beef burgers.
Dig in to our juicy beef burger topped with peameal bacon and all the fixin’s that you don't need to fuss over.



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