Aye caramba! Our signature Antojitos are all beef'd up! Bite into our oven baked, soft tortilla wrap for a mouthful of melted cheese, seasoned ground beef, onions and red & green peppers. Me gusta!

It’s a fiesta for your tastebuds!

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You can’t stop the sizzle on our Chicken, Shrimp and NEW Pulled Pork Fajitas served with peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, diced tomato, lettuce, sour cream, house-made salsa and toasty flour tortillas! Starting at 24.99!
We rustled up a fiesta of flavours for our fall-off-the-bone pork back ribs served with a corn and black bean blend, fries, cornbread and topped with an authentically Tex-Mex Chimichurri sauce.
The perfect blend of BBQ and Tex-Mex, our juicy burger is sandwiched between two pulled pork and cheese quesadillas. Topped with fresh tomatoes, fried jalapeños, guacamole, a zesty burrito sauce, cheese, crunchy fried tortillas and our Tex-Mex sauce!
Los Doritos Nachos pack so much flavour you’re ‘bout to go loco! We’ve piled fresh tomatoes, green onions, jalapeños, fire roasted corn, black beans, peppers and loads of melted cheese high on top of Nacho Cheese flavoured Doritos. Now that’s a mouthful!

Brewtiful Combos below!

Two soft shell tacos that ain’t for the faint of heart. Drizzled with our KAPOW! sauce and packed with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, red onions, diced tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, fresh cilantro and lime juice. Wash all that extra kick down with an ice-cold Corona!
Try to contain this piñata of ingredients because this bountiful Burrito might be too big up to pick up! Full to the brim with cheddar, tomatoes, guacamole, corn, black beans, peppers & green onions and topped with our zesty burrito sauce, more cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro! Pair it with an ice-cold Corona to help bring it home.

Steak these out

Bite into our beefed up BBQ Tex Mex
This Bowl ‘o goodness includes all your BBQ meats Tex Mex favourites, including 6oz of our Hand-Carved Steak layered on top of rice, tomatoes, cheese, red peppers and guacamole.
Our 7oz Hand Carved, Canadian Beef Steak served with two sides and made zesty with our vibrant, South American Chimichurri sauce.
So Muchachos…

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