We’re putting our best chicken recipes head to head. Come on in and try our Smoky, Crispy or Grilled chicken to decide how you like yours best! Don’t be chicken, try’ em all before they’re gone!

Chicken before the egg starters

New! Ugly Delicious Flatbread

This flatbread ain’t pretty, but it sure is delicious. Topped with a creamy honey dill sauce, crispy chicken, shredded pickles, melted marble cheddar and finished with a drizzle of Nashville hot sauce, it’s more than meets the eyes.

New! Smoked Chicken Wings

These wings wanted in on the smokin’ game. Hickory-smoked, fried to a crispy finish and served with Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. We aren’t just wingin’ it here!

BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This one’s for you fancy folks. It’s our tender honey chipotle grilled chicken and all the fixin’s gently cradled in crisp Boston bib lettuce. It’s a fresh exterior for a smokin’ interior.

Smoked, Grilled and Crispy are goin’ head to head!

Fall off the Bone Ribs with NEW SMOKED Chicken Wings

Love can be messy, which is true for this combo of meats we love. Get 6 bones of ribs sauced the way you like, plus 4 pieces of our NEW smoked chicken wings, served with sides that are a match made in heaven.

NEW Bacon Mac N' Cheese CRISPY Chicken Sandwich

You ain't never tried a Chicken Sandwich quite like this. We've piled in Crispy Chicken and jalapeños, bacon and gooey mac n' cheese. Gangs' all here!

NEW Bacon Guacamole GRILLED Chicken Sandwich

This Chicken goes "Guac!" Try our Chipotle Honey BBQ Chicken, topped with peameal bacon, guacamole, bacon aioli and served on a toasted sweet potato bun for the most southern of tastes.

Chicken Waffle Club

It’s Southern fried chicken. It’s two Belgian sugar waffles. It’s topped with maple sriracha and all the fixin’s of your classic club. But y’all ain’t ever had a club like this, trust us.

All your Chickens in one basket

The Ultimate Chicken Platter

What do you call four hickory-smoked wings, a half order of chicken bites plus a juicy grilled chicken breast? It’s the ultimate chicken showdown, and it’s all on one plate.

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