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1920 Long Island, Tennessee

Our story starts in the 1920's in the 'Long Island' of Kingsport, Tennessee, not in Long Island, New York.

wlecome to tennessee home of the bbq

A bootlegger named ‘Old Man Bishop’ or ‘Charlie Bishop’ as his mother called him was notorious in Kingsport for brewing his own liquor at his home. Old Man Bishop largely made his home-brew for his family and friends. It was at this time that the original Long Island Iced Tea was created, named the “Old Man Bishop”.

1940-1945 Who is Ransom Bishop?

Fast-forward 20 years, ‘Old Man’ Bishop' was definitely becoming just that, but it was none other than his son, Ransom Bishop who would take over the family business. Ransom was quite the salesman and would turn Charlie’s hobby into a fully-fledged and perhaps not so legal business. Ransom sold his father’s home-brew on a grand scale and in secret to establishments across America.

Who is Ransom Bishop?

Old Man Bishop’s original creation was made with one idea in mind - “disguise a drink, full of booze to get a kick and get it quick”. The original was made with Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Maple Syrup. Ransom perfected the drink and made it famous, adding Cola, Lemon and Lime.

2021 Made for Canadians

Today at Montana’s we’ve taken it one step further and perfected the drink for Canadian taste buds using our very own Canadian Maple Syrup and pairing it with your favourite BBQ.

Montanas ransom long island iced tea glass

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