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masters of our craft

Our pork back ribs and pulled pork are smoked in-house every day to ensure each bite hits the spot. Our Smoke and Grill Masters are truly masters of their craft and bring it all to the grill when it comes to preparing your meat. They go through rigorous training and even have a certificate to prove it! At the end of the day, we're all passionate about serving up perfectly prepared BBQ.

"I have the opportunity every day to make others happy. Montana’s is a place to celebrate, to relax, to laugh and be together with loved ones. My gift is to be able to bring this to life, and to be rewarded with the joy of seeing happy people."

"I have always loved the family-oriented environment Montana's provides. When I saw there was an opportunity to open a location in Prince George, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue."

"I had the goal of one day owning and operating the Montana's in South Common back in 2005 when we opened the restaurant.

Now, my staff and I host the most newly renovated and best looking Montana's in the brand with the rest of Edmonton and surrounding areas."

"Every day I look forward to working alongside my team and ensure we deliver on our VISION of ensuring that each guest has a great experience time after time. For over 20 years, Thunder Bay residents have truly supported our restaurant which has allowed for us to give back to our community in many ways which is very rewarding. Looking ahead… Our future looks awesome and my team and I look forward in sharing more of our BBQ lifestyle with all our guests. Cheers!"